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Mint Mouthwash Bits

Mint Mouthwash Bits

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Bite mouthwash bits are the new way to use mouthwash. Bite, sip and swish your way to minty fresh breath at home or on-the-go with our travel-ready mouthwash bits.

Bite toothpaste bits are made with clean, vegan-friendly ingredients like coconut oil, xylitol, and nano-hydroxyapatite, a non-toxic fluoride alternative that helps fight sensitivity and remineralize tooth enamel.

Each bottle of mint mouthwash bits includes 124 bits (a 4 month supply).

- 100% plastic-free

- Freshens breath

- Recyclable glass bottle

- Clean ingredients

- Naturally whitening

- Tackles sensitivity

*bite mouthwash bits are formulated with natural menthol, this can cause recrystallization outside the bits. It’s not harmful or dangerous, if you gently shake the jar, it will break up and disperse around the bits again.

• Made in United States

• Weight: 4.4 oz 

• Packaging: Biodegradable, Compostable, Plastic-free, Recyclable, and Zero waste

• Product Materials: Biodegradable, Compostable, Nontoxic, Plastic-free, and Vegan

• Production: Carbon neutral, Cruelty-free, and Sustainably sourced




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