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Luma Heart Health Coenzyme CoQ10 200mg High Absorption Capsules - 30

Luma Heart Health Coenzyme CoQ10 200mg High Absorption Capsules - 30

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Are you taking good care of your heart?

Every day, countless Americans are diagnosed with heart conditions. Every year, many die because of these ailments. Luckily, most issues of the heart can be prevented by simply making healthy lifestyle choices.

You want to keep your heart in great condition so you try to always eat right, exercise regularly, and avoid vices. Sometimes, however, maintaining a perfectly healthy lifestyle is not possible. Is there another way for you to boost your heart health?

Help your heart beat with vitality with the Luma by Laura Luma Heart!

Help your heart stay in tiptop shape for many years to come with this premium formula. It contains CoQ10 is found to help prevent heart conditions; glycerin which aids in reducing the workload of the heart; soybean oil which helps make the soft gels easy to swallow; and gelatin which aids in the production of soft pill capsules.

Designed for adults looking for extra heart health support, Luma Heart contains only natural ingredients that have the fewest side effects. It is safe to add to your daily diet to make up for CoQ10 losses caused by aging.

Our bottle contains 60 soft gels that can last depending on your daily personal consumption. For best results, take 1 soft gel one to four times daily or as advised by your doctor. We recommend taking this supplement with a meal to increase absorption.

Here are additional reasons to make you love these CoQ10 soft gels:
✅ Also helps support brain health
✅ May help improve immune performance
✅ May help promote skin and gum health

Strive to lower your risk of heart conditions. Add the Luma by Laura Luma Heart to your cart TODAY!


❤️ SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH – As we age, our body produces less coenzyme q10 for our heart health. Our coq10 nutritional supplements are packed with CoQ10 which may help prevent heart conditions.
❤️ 3X BETTER ABSORPTION – Our co q 10 softgels are orally bioavailable so they can easily be absorbed by the body. Each co q10 supplement works fast to help restore CoQ10 to its optimal levels.
❤️ HELPS BOOST ENERGY – Be ready to take on the day with our coq10 supplement. It contains 100mg of ubiquinol which helps transform food into energy, helping you become more physically active.
❤️ ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS ONLY – Our premium high absorption coq10 formula is a combination of CoQ-10, glycerin, soybean oil, and gelatin. It's unflavored, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and non-dairy.
❤️ SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION – Your well-being is our priority so we only use ingredients that have been tested for potency. Our q10 coenzyme supplements are made in cGMP facilities in the USA.


Are Luma Heart soft gels safe to consume? Yes! The ingredients in Luma Heart contain the most natural remedies that have the fewest side effects.

Will Luma Heart soft gels fully prevent heart disease? Since heart disease and cardiovascular disorders are based on genetics, lifestyle, and age, Luma Heart does not guarantee complete prevention from all heart disease.

When should I take Luma Heart? After checking with a healthcare professional, take one Luma Heart soft gel one to four times a day with a meal.

Do I need to have high blood pressure or a history of heart disease to take Luma Heart? No! There is no harm in adding this dietary supplement to your daily preventative health measures in order to promote better blood pressure and reduce your risk of cardiovascular illness.

How long will my Luma Heart bottle last? Each bottle of Luma Heart contains 60 soft gels. Depending on how many soft gels your healthcare provider recommends, each bottle will last you anywhere from 15 to 60 days.


CoQ10 - As a is a compound that helps generate energy in your cells, CoQ10contains powerful antioxidant properties that aid in the preservation of cells and the prevention and treatment of chronic heart disease and high blood pressure.

Glycerin - As a common ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs, Glycerin is included in most heart medications as a moisturizing agent that aids in reducing the heart’s overall workload.

Soybean Oil - As a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the soybean, Soybean Oil is used to obtain the easy-to-swallow texture of the Luma Heart soft gels.

Gelatin - Made of protein and water, Gelatin is used to aid in the production of hard and soft pill capsules.

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